Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems

Internal training workshop organized in Lille

On the first week of April the second SecureChange meeting was organized at INRIA in Lille, where the partners held an internal training workshop to share their backgrounds with the others.

In the beginning of the workshop Open University and later Thales presented their security modeling notations and tools. In the afternoon, the techniques and tools for model-based testing were introduced by INRIA, Smartesting and University of Innsbruck.

The second day was reserved for the industry case studies. Each industrial partner (Deep Blue, Gemalto, Telefonica) presented their case study and application domain. After the presentations, the partners formed small groups, and discussed the challenges in each case study, defined specific scenarios we will later focus on, and identified the necessary input needed from the case studies by the other tasks in the project.

On the last day University of Trento and Open University showed their requirement analysis techniques, and BME presented their incremental model transformation tools, which will be used to propagate changes in requirements to architectural and design models. Finally, the methods for risk analysis were presented by SINTEF, University of Innsbruck and Thales.