Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems


SecureChange's results will be documented in the following public reports.

No. Deliverable title Month
D1.1 Description of the Scenarios and their Requirements M12
D1.1.1 Selected Change Requirements and Security Properties M18
D1.2 Report on the applicability of SecureChange technologies to the Scenarios M24
D1.3 Report on the Industrial Validation of SecureChange Solutions M36
D2.1 An Architectural Blueprint and a Software Development Process for security-critical Lifelong Systems M12
D2.2 A Configuration Management Process for Lifelong Adaptable Systems M24
D2.3 An Integrated Security Process for Lifelong Adaptable Systems M30

State of the Art for Requirement Modeling

D3.2 Methodology for Evolutionary Requirements, revised version, revised version 2 M12, M24
D3.3 Algorithms for Incremental Requirements Models  Evaluation and  Transformation, revised version M24, M36
D3.4 Proof-of Concept Case Tool for early requirements, revised version M24, M36
D4.1 Security modelling notation for adaptive security M12
D4.2 Formally founded automated security analysis tools for this notation with a link to code-level verification M24
D4.3 Approach for adaptive security monitor generation M36
D4.4 Proof of concept integration of design modelling solution, revised version M24, M36
D5.1 Evaluation of existing methods and principles is risk analysis  M06
D5.2 Documentation of forecasts of future evolvement M12
D5.3 Assessment methods M24
D5.4 Framework for integrated documentation of system and assessment results M24
D5.5 Automatic or semi-Automatic techniques, methods and tools for revalidation M36
D6.1 Programming model and annotations M12
D6.2 Proof-of-Concept verifier M24
D6.3 Compositional technique to re-verify security against new security model on impacted code M18
D6.4 Impact analysis of new security requirements M24
D6.5 Methodology for definition of programming models M36
D6.6 Development-time and runtime interplay M36
D7.1 Evaluation of existing methods and principles in MBTrevised version M6
D7.2 How to integrate evolution into a model-based testing approach M12
D7.3 A proof-of-concept implementation of Model-based testing  for evolution tool M24
D7.4 Results of test campaign on case studies M36