Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems

Presentations from the tutorial meeting

The presentations from the internal tutorial meeting can be downloaded from the document library of the website. The slides from the following sessions are available:

  • Berthold Agreiter (UIB), Telling Test Stories: UIB presented the Telling Test Stories (TTS) methodology for test specification, and demoed thetool using an example on a ticket reservation system.
  • Dániel Varró (BME), Incremental Model Transformations in VIATRA2: BME presented model transformations and its VIATRA2 tool using demos. Furthermore, the methods for incremental pattern matching, live transformations and parallelization were introduced.
  • Frédéric Dadeau (INR), Test Generation Methods: This tutorial presented the test generation approach used in Smartesting Test Designer, and illustrated the method and the tool with a demo on an eCinema application.
  • Jan Jürjens (OU), Models for Secure Change: The talk presented a model-based security analysis based on UMLSec.The approach was illustrated with an example of analyzing the security flaws in a TLS variant.