Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems

SecureChange involvement in 1st International Workshop on Eternal Systems (EternalS'11)

The EternalS Coordination Action has established three Task Forces (TFs) working on topics that crosscut the interests of the four participating FET projects. Secure Change is strongly represented in Task Force 2 “Time Awareness and Management in EternalS systems”. The TF is led by Michael Hafner and Michael Felderer of UIB. TF members include Riccardo Scandariato and Koen Yskout of KUL and Ruth Breu of UIB.

The First International Workshop on Eternal Systems (EternalS'11) has been held on May 3, 2011 in Budapest. The workshop was affiliated with the European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET 2011) and sponsored by the European Coordination Action EternalS. EternalS'11 aimed at creating the conditions for mutual awareness and cross-fertilization among broad ICT areas such as Learning Systems, Software Systems, Networked Systems and Secure Systems. The workshop issued a call for high quality contributions in the above-mentioned areas and selected them by means of a peer review process. Out of the fifteen received submissions six full papers and four short papers have been accepted for inclusion in the proceedings published by Springer (CCIS volume 255). SecureChange contributed to the workshop program with two talks, held by Michael Felderer and Riccardo Scandariato respectively.

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