Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems

Year 2 Summary

In the course of the first year the project has developed new models, methodologies and processes to guarantee security during software evolution. Now in the second year the SecureChange partners have consolidated these results into a conceptually integrated process and sharpened the project focus to address specific challenges from the industrial case studies of the project.

Download the Year 2 Summary Report here, or read some quick facts below (after the break).

We have run a number of feasibility studies that have been carried out on each case study of the SecureChange project. The feasibility studies assess the applicability of the artefacts developed in the SecureChange technical WPs to solve the change-related security problems arising within each industry domains. Read more in the D1.2 Report on the Applicability of SecureChange technologies to the Scenarios.

Meanwhile, the technical work packages have commenced to improve their previously proposed models, methodologies and processes. The second year also provided the time frame to design new languages and mechanisms, and finally to develop tool prototypes. For detailed results, the project deliverables of Year 2 are available on the Deliverables page.

The dissemination activities of the second year of the SecureChange project included a presentation of the project at the Project Track of the MODELS 2010 conference in Oslo, Norway to disseminate research  questions and first research results to the scientific community. Additional presentation has been done at a number of EU events such as ICT. The project partners delivered roughly  30 additional presentations and published more than 50 papers  addressing different parts of the project. In 2010 we had:

  • 44 project meetings and 43 events (workshops, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) organized or attended by SecureChange partners;
  • 13 journals publications;
  • 35 conferences publications;
  • 4 book chapters and 2 reports.

The SecureChange project collaborated with other FET projects by contributing to dedicated
workshops and meetings coordinated by the EternalS coordination action. Furthermore, the project organized several internal workshops and meetings to strengthen integration within the project. Industrial partners have identified promising and potentially usable results for exploitation.

Read more about the overall progress of the project in the Year 2 Project Summary.