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Smartesting (formerly Leirios) is a software company dedicated to validation testing solutions and test generation techniques. Development of the Smartesting core technologies began in the mid 1990s at the University of Besancon (France), with the goal of reducing the cost of software validation using automated test generation techniques. Numerous industry projects and test generation contracts were successfully completed using this technology during 1999-2003.  Smartesting was incorporated at the beginning of 2003. Now, Smartesting's projects cover a broad range of cutting-edge technology in Enterprise IT and embedded software including smart card software, e-banking systems, automotive on-board systems and safety critical systems. The current staff is 30 including R&D (18), professional services (8), administrative (2) and sales (5). Smartesting headquarter is located in Besancon (France) with locations in Paris, Munich and London.

Smartesting has released a model-based testing with UML solution called "Test Designer". This technology enables automated test generation from a model of the system using the UML modelling language. This approach helps to ensure that the system is compliant with its specification or with a particular standard. The automation of test generation is a strategic issue, since it can replace the current manual development of test cases, which is costly and error prone. Furthermore, this approach is in harmony with the model-driven and agile software development methodologies, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Key personnel

Prof. Dr. Bruno Legeard is Chief Technology Officer of Smartesting® and Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Franche-Comté (France).  Bruno Legeard is co-author of the book "Practical Model-Based Testing - A tools approach" - Elsevier/2006. He started working on model-based testing in the mid 1990's and has extensive experience in applying model-based testing to large information systems, e-transaction applications and embedded software.

Eddie Jaffuel is senior consultant at Smartesting. He is an expert in the area of modelling for test generation and was in charge of several projects in the area of security testing of Smart Card and IT applications.