Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems


Traditionally described as "professional electronics", the Thales Group's businesses are primarily dedicated to critical information systems for defence, aerospace (aeronautics and space), and security applications, in particular for ground transportation.

Thales Research and Technology (TRT) is the corporate research laboratory of the Thales group.  TRT's mission is to provide short and long term competitive advantage to the Thales Group by transferring leading edge technologies and skills to the operating units and by injecting innovation. The scope of the work covers system, hardware and software.

The TRT laboratory involved in this project develops modelling and architecture solutions for large scale distributed systems, including systems of systems. The main running project in this area is IST Modelplex, where a service-oriented multi-viewpoint modelling framework is being developed to support analysis, design and verification of system architectures. As part of this framework, a security analysis domain-specific language is being developed. Another aspect of our work is the support for evolution management through model-based monitoring and analysis of system architectures. These areas bear close connection to the topics of the SecureChange project.

Key personnel:

Véronique Normand is a senior expert in model-driven engineering and software systems engineering methods. She has a Computer Science Engineer degree and a PhD in Software Engineering. Her background mixes applied research as well as consulting activities in industry, in the field of software engineering methods. As an activity manager at TRT / Software Research Group since 2002, she has been conducting and realising applied research in model-driven systems engineering as well as technological transfer activities toward THALES Business Units. Recent work includes contribution to the definition of a model-driven systems engineering method, work on verification in MDE, work in security analysis modelling, investigation of multi-viewpoint system-of-systems modelling, and participation to OMG standardisation groups.

Stéphane Ménoret is a software engineer with over 13 years experience in software development & architecture and advanced studies. He has a background in Computer Science from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers in Paris and holds two Master's degrees, one in networks and systems engineering and one in distributed systems, both from the Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris 6). He worked first for ATOS ORIGIN on a software framework supporting network protocols. Then he moved to ALCATEL where he worked in the embedded systems area, especially on mobile phones (introduction of real-time Corba, real-time operating system engineering, power-saving management architecture, VoIP over GPRS) and network routers (introduction of IPv6 protocols). Finally, he joined Thales Communications where he was an architect for the IST project SEINIT and a technical manager of an advanced study dealing with real-time components framework for embedded systems. He is now an R&D engineer at Thales TRT. His main interests include model-based system management, and non-functional properties modelling and analysis. He is one of the main contributors on System Management in the IST project MODELPLEX.